About us

Okrugljak, recently celebrating its 100 years, is probably one of the most authentic and traditional restaurants in northern Croatia. Almost everything that is considered to be the best of Croatian gastronomy can be found in Okrugljak, a restaurant that is also an essential part of the Zagreb urban lifestyle. It is also one of the few restaurants that lasts for generations.

Our restaurant is the favourite destination for business lunches and dinners, family gatherings, pleasant get-togethers, and big celebrations – a restaurant of recognisable quality and social values. The atmosphere is always homely, partly owing to the interior decorated in a rustic style, typical of the northern part of Zagreb, Šestine.

Okrugljak nurtures the traditional Zagreb and Croatian cuisine. Here you can enjoy expertly and carefully prepared classic dishes, while the menu is constantly enriched with fresh seasonal produce. Our biggest success is each of our guests. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who has at least once been a part of our successful story.